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Value-based Purchasing:What Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Need to Know Now to Manage Their Medicare Dollars

By Pat Bickley
Product Manager
Health Care DataWorks

By Jude Odu
Senior Business Analyst
Health Care DataWorks

Hospitals and health systems of all sizes are facing numerous challenges with the advent of Value-based Purchasing. Many administrators are scrambling to determine not only its impact on the bottom line, but also what they can do to manage outcomes. Value-based Purchasing (VBP) is a new program in which Medicare reimbursements to hospitals and health systems will be withheld and then earned back based upon their individual scores on 20 key performance measures, ranging from quality of care to patient satisfaction.

By effectively managing Value-based Purchasing scores and proactively addressing the challenges they present, hospitals and health systems can develop a sound strategy to help them become higher performers. As a result, they will be in a better position to enhance their bottom lines.

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As a hospital or health system administrator, you know the importance of being able to understand and evaluate the factors that influence your Value-based Purchasing scores. It's one thing to know where you are performing poorly, and quite another to know why and how to fix it. Solutions are available to help you aggregate and analyze your Value-based Purchasing data in a timely manner. When you can see scores and then drill down into specific problem areas, you will gain greater insight and knowledge to develop action steps that lead to improvements in hospital Value-based Purchasing performance.